Everyone has their own way of living fully, earnestly. Be it partying all night driving around the city or staying home in layers having a Harry Potter marathon with coffee, popcorn and some caramel on top! You’re here to experience, learn, grow, and then experience some more. Think about the stuff you haven’t checked off […]

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This Year…

This year, promise to always put your mental health as your first priority. This year, let go of the past and pave ways for a brighter future. This year, promise to think before you speak. This year, promise to consider others’ feelings too. This year, stay motivated to your goals. This year, promise to support […]

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Here’s to you, 2017.

2017, you brought me closer to the people I love the most. I’ve stopped over thinking to a great extent. I don’t cry on the little stuff as much as I used to. I’ve learned that happiness is an inside job. I’ve learned that faith in Allah can do wonders. I’ve stopped caring about what […]

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For You To Remember.

1. Time is a misconception humans created. 2. Integrity is everything. 3. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. 4. You can give a person knowledge, but you can’t make them think. 5. We all need a specific spark to ignite. 

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Influence, Realization, Passion.

There is always someone who influences us. Always someone who we learn from. And there will always be someone else behind what we are now. We don’t just realize our passion instantly. There will always be someone else to point it out for us. I didn’t know I could write. It was once that my […]

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Experiences are what define us. Imagination is what captures us. Reality is what haunts us. Life challenges us. Challenges scare us. When in reality, they should strengthen us. Success empowers us. Resolute lectures motivate us. What does time do? Oh, hey procrastination! Choice overwhelms us. Decisions fail us. Advice rules us. Then people laugh at us, […]

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You make the choices in your life. You decide what you’re capable of and what you’re not. Don’t give others authority over you. Choose where your energy goes.

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