Here’s to you

Here’s to you. You, who thinks that a loving heart in this world has somehow become a bad thing. You, who thinks that passion is overrated. I hope you never stop loving with your big heart, and never try to fit in the realm of this world. I hope you choose to be you, despite […]


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Stay With Us

You need to remember at all times possible, that you are a warrior. This life will keep throwing challenges at you, and you have to keep showing life that you are stronger than those problems. This world can be a big crappy mess, so you can’t ever let it win. You can’t. You shouldn’t. Don’t […]

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Stand Out

This world will always try and push you down. For this world, your actions, your gestures might never be enough. But you, you don’t stop doing what you do. Don’t stop giving your best just because this world is too busy to stop and acknowledge. Don’t give in to the drama in the realm of […]

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Which Flower Are You?

You all are flowers. Different in colour, different in size, and with different adaptations; but you all are one. Some of you are like sun flowers; bright and fun, happy-go-lucky, smiling at strangers, carefree and just living in the moment. Some of you are like tulips; the overthinkers, the deep conscience ones, the trustworthy and […]

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Be Alive

You are the result of four billion years of evolution. So many species had to go extinct for you to be here. The world sacrificed its finest to form you; so you could come into existence. So much had to go lost for you to be found. So always remember to live, to be alive, […]

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What You Attract

You’ll meet people who are sunshine in human form. You’ll meet people who are a genuine walking rainbow. You’ll meet people who could smile and your day would already be better. You’ll meet people who’ll always know the right words to say. And you’ll also meet people who are rain in human form. You’ll also […]

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Perfectionists struggle with the idea of not doing enough. Everything that they do, they always think that it’s just not good enough. Not perfect. So they spend their entire lives reaching that point. That ‘point’ is perfect, and that point does not exist. Whatever you do, someone is always going to be better than you […]

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A Quote To Live By – August

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you figure out why. -Mark Twain. The biggest gift that you could give to yourself is finding out your purpose in life. Go and explore what you are meant to do. Contribute to life. Do your part. It’s satisfying and productive, and trust me […]

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Hope is as little as you think and as huge as you want to make it. Honestly, your life depends on it. If nothing, you’re always going to have hope for something. Expectations and desires are very common in this world. But then so are disappointments and broken hearts, and yet, you still choose to […]

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Drop Your Standards

Can you just stop for a moment and think why you’re so stuck on that idea that’s been eating your brain for almost a week? Because sometimes, you just think what the reader might be thinking. If what you’re writing may seem inappropriate to others, or what if it’s not good enough? What if people […]

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