Drop Your Standards

Can you just stop for a moment and think why you’re so stuck on that idea that’s been eating your brain for almost a week?

Because sometimes, you just think what the reader might be thinking. If what you’re writing may seem inappropriate to others, or what if it’s not good enough? What if people laugh?

If you are not ready to drop your standards and let yourself be free of the chain that’s holding you back, you will never get to write your best piece.

A writer has only one rule: There are no rules.
And a writer has the power to create it’s own world.

You have that power. There are no boundaries. There are no limitations. It’s just you and your pen and you can create anything, because words have power, stronger than you may realize.

So stop thinking of what others might think of your writing. Write what you want. Write what you believe in. Write what you would want to read. It’s okay if it’s bad. The only way past something is through it, and if you never write something worthless, you won’t get to write something breathtakingly amazing.

You can make anything by writing. -C.S. Lewis

I believe you can do wonders. I believe you can write a best seller.

Kick back the chain that’s been pulling you back for so long. Push all the barriers behind. Stretch your arms.

Start writing.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. -E.L. Doctorow

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