Hope is as little as you think and as huge as you want to make it.

Honestly, your life depends on it. If nothing, you’re always going to have hope for something. Expectations and desires are very common in this world. But then so are disappointments and broken hearts, and yet, you still choose to be hopeful.

You get disappointed at one thing so you find another thing to be hopeful for. It’s not something that’s in your hands. You may think it is, but it is not. There is no man on this planet that has no desires. And maybe, just maybe, that’s not such a bad thing.

If you’re not hopeful, you’re never going to be positive about an outcome. If you’re never positive about anything, you’re never going to hope for it to go in your favour. See? It goes both ways.

Hope is the baby steps. Hope is your personal consent to getting better. Hope is the breath of relief. Hope is when you smile to yourself about something.

Hope is in the little things, right? So stay hopeful. Always stay hopeful. Faith can do wonders and you believing in something can definitely make it true. You work for something because you have hope for something. Hope is little, yes, but little steps make way for a destination, and positiveness can pave way for a beautiful destination.

Hope for good. And never, ever, lose that hope.

One thought on “Hope

  1. I have a different outlook on hope and it is only my opinion of course, but hope is nothing more than whitewashed doubt. If all you have to hang onto is hope then you don’t have much. To hope means you have no faith. Don’t wring your hands and hope. Plant your feet and believe!


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