Which Flower Are You?

You all are flowers. Different in colour, different in size, and with different adaptations; but you all are one.

Some of you are like sun flowers; bright and fun, happy-go-lucky, smiling at strangers, carefree and just living in the moment.
Some of you are like tulips; the overthinkers, the deep conscience ones, the trustworthy and humble ones.

Some of you are a rose; a romantic comedy, with secrets darker than dark chocolate and heart as big as the sky.

Some of you are like lilies; delicate and beautiful at heart, the shy ones, the ones who prefer staying in on Friday nights.

Some of you are like a lavender; the nerdy nerd, finding your world in books and comfort in a blanket. The ones living in an alluring fantasy.

Some of you are a daffodil; ones who give too much and still never hope for a thank you, the ones who will always be there for you.

Some of you are like a jasmine; the patient ones, believing in the right timing.
Some of you are like a daisy; the ones with no realization to hold on to, the ones who prefer to do the right thing despite all the odds.

Some of you are the orchids; the outcasts, the misfits, the ones who cannot be defined into one category, who are one of their owns and who are beautiful beyond categorization.

In a way, we all are connected deep within our roots, but we all have that unique spark inside of us. Hold on to that spark.

8 thoughts on “Which Flower Are You?

  1. I stopped by via Dream Big as well. I am partial to wild flowers. They are delicate but strong, they can feel at home almost anywhere, and they are free! My favorites are the Columbine and the Wild Rose. I’m not sure which I might be. I’m leaning toward the rose. It’s beautiful, free and can protect itself

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