Stay With Us

You need to remember at all times possible, that you are a warrior. This life will keep throwing challenges at you, and you have to keep showing life that you are stronger than those problems. This world can be a big crappy mess, so you can’t ever let it win. You can’t. You shouldn’t. Don’t let life win over you. You don’t need people to tell you that. You can’t give up.

Fretting over living on a planet that is literally floating in space? Do you know how tiny humans are in this galaxy? Exactly that tiny should be their opinions too.

Maybe these words don’t calm you down, or maybe these words are just words for you, but you have to understand the meaning that it holds, and the place where these words are coming from. You’re all that matters. You have to make yourself matter. You have to believe in staying alive. You have to be alive in every moment of every second. Talk to people. Write. Do all that it takes for you to hold on to the rope of life.

I know these words may feel nothing to you right now, but you’ve got to sit down, take a deep breath, think about your worth and throw all the negativity away. You need to know that every single thing is temporary. Hold on. It will pass. Trust me. This life is a journey. You can go at your own pace, but please, never give up.

Even when the world is crumbling around you, even when there is nothing positive left in your life, even when you think you don’t belong here, even when the sky is darker than it usually is, hold on. Stay. You are important. This world needs you. This world needs your smile. Please. Breathe. Stay. Stay with us.

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