One Life. One Story.

Stories are written to be completed. Made to reach the end some day. And created to get to the climax. Your life is a story too. Difference is, you own the pen in the story of your life. You make your choices, though the consequences may not always be in your favour. Each story has […]

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Defining Moments

We all have our defining moments. The moment it clicks, and you know. You just know. There are no buts and what ifs. You just get what you have to do. You just do. All the things that come across your mind make sense and your choices make sense. My defining moment was in seventh […]

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A Quote To Live By – July

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” -Lewis Carroll. I guess we all have something to live by; be it some advice or some quote you read in a book. Maybe you saw it scribbled on a graffiti wall, or painted on a billboard. Or anywhere else. This quote by Lewis […]

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Distorted Versions

We are all distorted versions of ourselves, hoping to find parts of us in every person we find. What we don’t realize is that we also lose parts of ourselves in every person that we come across. It’s just a mere perception, a man-made interpretation, holding an essence of truth to them with a tinge […]

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One Way Or Another

Probably one of the most disturbing things you can do to someone is prohibiting them from enjoying their life. It may be something simple, or it may be something huge. It can be as small as a stroll to the park, or it can be as big as travelling to a country you’ve always yearned […]

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Your Word, My Word.

Words can cause destruction, and words can cause paradise. As soon as words leave our mouth, an impact is driven. For someone it is a comeback, for someone it is a form of defense mechanism and for someone it leaves a permanent scar on their heart. We often say words we regret, even just to […]

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Live & Let Live.

It is so easy for some of us to shut people out from greater opportunities. So easy to force restrictions upon them just because of what the society would think. People often do not let their kids be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and live the way they want […]

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A World Where…

We live in a world where humans can’t even handle different skin colour. We live in a world where most humans don’t even know themselves completely. We live in a world where every good deed goes unacknoledged every day. We live in a world where humans are aiming for life at Mars when they can’t […]

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One Year Down!!

So today I got a notification from WordPress: It’s almost surreal to think that a year has passed on WordPress and I’ve seen how far I’ve come in terms of my writing. Getting 53 followers in a year seems like a huge achievement for me, because I remember the day I posted my first blog. […]

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